In TED Talk, Stacey Abrams asks three important questions that everyone needs to hear

Democrats had many incredible wins during the 2018 election cycle. There were also a few devastating losses—one of which was the very high-profile gubernatorial race in Georgia in which Republican Brian Kemp managed to cheat and steal votes away from Democrat Stacey Abrams in order to become the winner.

For her part, Abrams never conceded the race. She ended her bid for governor ten days after Election Day, all the while acknowledging that, while Kemp would be technically certified as the winner, he also cheated and enters the governor’s mansion under of a cloud of suspicion. Though she won’t be Georgia’s governor in 2019, Abrams ran a fantastic race and vows not to go anywhere. She recently confirmed that she plans to run again, though she is still formulating plans for her next move.

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