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You can now find all the Black women running for office in 2018 in one place

Writer and author Luvvie Ajayi decided it was time to put together a database of Black women running for office in 2018 when she learned no such database existed. With the help of three other women – Sili Recio, Lucrecer Braxton and Candace Jones – Luvvie created the database after combing through Twitter, Facebook and…

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There are black women not named Oprah running for office across the country

Lucia “Lucy” McBath watched Sunday night’s telecast of the Golden Globe Awards and, like millions of other viewers, was awed by Oprah Winfrey’s rousing speech that rallied women to challenge sexism and to become politically empowered. “It was a phenomenal speech,” McBath told me a few days later. “She’s a great orator and sometimes it…

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