What Is Rahm Emanuel Good For?

Two weeks ago, rumors bubbled up on CNN that former Barack Obama chief of staff and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was being considered to lead Joe Biden’s Department of Transportation. Monday of last week, rumors bubbled up in Crain’s Chicago that Biden is considering Emanuel for the job of U.S. trade representative. Sunday night, rumors…

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Legacy civil rights groups feel left out of Biden transition

The heads of legacy civil rights groups say they are struggling to participate in President-elect Joe Biden’s transition, vying to be included as the incoming administration tries to make good on a promise to Black voters to be the most diverse in history. Prominent civil rights advocates say they haven’t been consulted about key cabinet…

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The Women Who Saved the 2020 Election Are Already Back to Work

The 2020 election is over—at last. Joe Biden is our next president, and Kamala Harris is our next vice president. Their campaign slogan argued that the election would be “a battle for the soul of the nation.” Whether or not you believe America’s soul has been saved, you may still be relieved that the nation…

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