Does Kamala Harris Have a Working-Class Black Man Problem? It’s Complicated

It didn’t seem to be that controversial of a statement given the data. Since the Donald Trump presidency; the Georgia governor’s race; the St. Louis mayoral race and others, a certain number of black men have been sneaking back into the Sunken Place voting booth. Whether it’s partisanship, misogyny, or vague notions of “electability,” research shows (pdf) some black men will find any excuse not to vote for a woman, even a black one.

So when the Beat DC Editor Tiffany Cross said “Kamala Harris has a working-class black man problem” on AM Joy back in February, it made perfect sense to me. Harris has been dogged by #ADOS (African Descendants of Slaves) claiming she’s an existential threat to blue-collar black men. Her critics have pushed the narrative that Harris spent her whole career as a prosecutor locking up black men in California. Even some of our own writers have called attention to these issues.

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